Desktop App   MockFlow WireframePro app for Mac & Windows


Provides better desktop integration by running MockFlow in its own window with native menus and keyboard shortcuts for both PC & Mac.

Offline Sync

All your changes are automatically stored locally. So you can edit and view wireframes even if there is No net-connectivity. And optionally sync back when you regain connection.

Fully Loaded

Once you install MockFlow Desktop, it isn't necessary to visit Since it provides all the features such as sharing, chat, real-time collaboration and more...

Super Fast

Since it runs directly in your desktop, it is faster and more reliable. The wireframe's data & images are smartly cached to load instantly.

Continuous Backup

All your wireframes are not only securely stored online multiple times but also they are continuously backed up locally in your computer to ensure that your data is never lost.


Simplified interface - Detects net-access & auto switches between online/offline mode - Pushed updates - Capture tool to snap and crop webpages...

Installation Problem? Install Adobe AIR (1.5.3 or greater) first and then download and install MockFlow-Desktop.air application.